Khan, Sharifa

2* year old female

I am an an aspiring art director with a love of culture, chaos, and colors. Culture has been both my hindrance and my inspiration. While I was unable to take any creative courses during my college career due to my upbringing, I made it my duty to engage in it. I wrote for CollegeFashionista for some time and this is where my love of fashion and styling stemmed from. I have now gone from observing and photographing street style to taking my eye for style directly to my sets.

Nowadays I focus primarily on work that showcases all angles of my Caribbean heritage. Focusing on this narrative is what led to me founding Bruk Out Media which I hope will transform the way our community looks at the arts and ultimately our own place in society. I would like to bring this aesthetic and perspective to a career in art direction.

p.s: I enjoy symmetrical architecture, fried eggs, and long walks on the beach.