Here are some examples of studio work that I have assisted with for photographer and creative director Isabel Epstein. For each set I was involved in set design, image execution,and lighting assisting.

isabel 3.PNG

Crafted the backdrop used here from scratch and is something I can also scratch off my bucket list and will never do again :)

isabel 2.PNG
isabel 1.PNG
isabel 5.PNG

Threw confetti for this shoot sponsored by Express which I would in fact do again!

new 3.PNG
isabel 8.PNG
isabel 7.PNG
isabel 6.PNG

This time, Isabel wanted to create a campaign surrounding the use of plastic and give a call to action to reduce our use of it. In the first image I assisted with lighting, second image I was the water thrower on the right, and in the last image I assisted with the creation of the dynamic backdrop. I’ve learned I enjoy throwing things at people in photos because the second image is my favorite.

new 1.PNG